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Electronic Assembly & Testing

Complex Structures Assembly

The electromechanical and integration capabilities at The Atlas Group include building housings, running wires and motherboard circuit-assembly installations to deliver a complete, installable product. 

This capability is cross-departmental and coordinates with aircraft structures, flight science, electrical systems engineering, systems safety, project engineering, product support and multiple testing procedures within The Atlas Group. 

Every electronic build is tested and held to the rigorous standards we uphold for the aerospace and defense industry. The testing performed is industry and customer-specific for miswire, misfire, leakage high-pot and continuity. Any new build within our electromechanical group is controlled and process-driven for future success rates in production. 

Our philosophy of vertical integration means that customers can enjoy single-source service for electronic assemblies. The Atlas Group provides true start-to-finish manufacturing, from materials to engineering, testing to production, all within budget and deadline. 

  • Wire wrap
  • Wire harness
  • Electromechanical integration
  • Soldering
  • Potting
  • Conformal coating
  • Stress and functional testing

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Interior of electronics casing with view of wiring
Electromechanical Assembly

The Atlas Group brings extensive competencies in integrated electromechanical manufacturing to produce a wide range of complex electronic assemblies including avionics chassis, flight controls and satellite systems.  Multiple certifications include: 

  • IPC-610 and 620 certified and compliant
  • IPC trainer on staff
  • ESD compliant
  • J-STD certified
  • Embedded EE/ME support staff
Close up on wire harnesses with multi-colored wires
Wire Harnesses

The Atlas Group's highly certified technicians ensure that each wire harness is assembled and tested under rigorous quality conditions. Our automated or touch-labor processes for harness-building to motherboard wire-wrap integration are unparalleled in quality and efficiency, and produced entirely within The Atlas Group's matrix of manufacturers. 

Man assembling electronic components
Stress and Functional Testing

Each electronic component undergoes rigorous environmental stress screenings (ESS) as well as functional testing, including: 

  • Circuit continuity testing
  • Insulation-resistance verification
  • Dielectric breakdown (hipot) testing
  • Vibration and environmental testing
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