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Person deburring a small part Person deburring a small part

WASI Capabilities

WASI provides indispensable support to customers through quick-turn production, prototyping and assembly for superior spares and emergents on demand. Located in Wichita, Kansas, in the hub of The Atlas Group’s precision machining and fabrication facilities, WASI is able to deliver accelerated-lead-time production to customers taking full advantage of The Atlas Group’s integrated supply chain. 

Established in 2002, WASI’s foundation rests on a highly skilled workforce capable of nearly limitless product development. Whether reverse-engineered design, legacy product development or blue-streak support for aircraft-on-ground, WASI’s trademark versatility delivers the right part on time, every time. 

Our philosophy of vertical integration means that customers can enjoy single-source service for spares and emergents. Parts can be sourced and manufactured solely within The Atlas Group family of companies, resulting in faster turn times and consistently high quality. The Atlas Group provides true convenience, reliability and support for AOG, all within budget and deadline. 

Woman working on a long metal part
Accelerated Lead Time

The Atlas Group's spares division is equipped with flexible and diverse fabrication assets for quick-turn production. We are a one-stop supplier for spare parts both in and out of production. We offer outstanding service for aircraft on the ground (AOG). 

WASI supports blue-streak production, prototyping, spot-buy, experimental and bailout transitions, and low and high-rate quantity builds. WASI uses 3D printing for rapid tool development. 

Man in helmet welding a part
NADCAP-Certified Welding

We provide fusion welding in accordance with AWS D17.1 and all current customer requirements, with demonstrated capabilities in aluminum, titanium and Inconel. 

Resistance welding is performed in accordance with AWS D17.2 and all current customer requirements. Our capabilities extend to aluminum and steel components in a wide range of material thicknesses.

Man removing plastic part from machine mold

Our thermoforming capabilities encompass a wide range of processes from a multitude of materials including ABS, Kydex, polythylene and acrylic polycarbonate, both clear and Lexan. 

View of factory with three workers
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Dependable support, when and where you need it.

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