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Innovation at Work

Since 1992, Forming and Machining Industries Inc. has been an innovative supplier of specialized components, primarily for the aerospace industry. Located in Park City, Kansas, FMI has the resources to machine, fabricate and assemble over 98% of its current statement of work, including multiple requirements for the Boeing 777, 787 and 737. 

Meeting the needs of large-scale customers with top-quality hydroforming services, our 8’ x 20’ 2,500-ton hydro press enables us to specialize in oversized parts for the aerospace industry. We also design and build the tooling for diverse applications in sheet metal, machining and small assemblies.

FMI works in close collaboration with clients and actively pursues cost-saving methods throughout our entire process. As a core company within The Atlas Group's vertical integration matrix, FMI consistently demonstrates the expertise and efficiency required to provide quality products on time, delivering value that keeps pace with the demands of today's marketplace. 

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  • Park City, Kansas
  • Established 1992
  • 222,000 sq. ft. 
  • 250 employees
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