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Close up of drill applied to metal object Close up of drill applied to metal object

Precision Machining

Complex Structures Assembly

The Atlas Group’s experience in precision machining delivers high-quality products and valuable cost savings for our customers, every time. Three, four and five-axis machining capabilities enable the production of a nearly infinite variation of component shape, number and size, from a variety of high-quality materials. 

Our machining professionals are specialists with decades of experience in the design and production of CNC machined parts. We work with our customers to ensure adherence to quality standards and provide resources to achieve improved efficiencies and faster turn times: 

  • Infinite variations in part shapes and sizes, from the smallest fittings to large-scale aerostructures.
  • The most advanced equipment for guaranteed performance and precision.
  • Highly skilled, motivated machinists trained to optimize production for reduced costs.
  • Industry-leading attention to detail and part accuracy.
  • On-time delivery, exceptional value and customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy of vertical integration means that customers can enjoy single-source service for machined components. The Atlas Group provides true start-to-finish manufacturing, from materials to engineering, testing to production, all within budget and deadline. 

Learn more about the companies that make up The Atlas Group. 

Man standing next to large multi-axis machining tool
5-Axis Monolithic Cellular Machining

The Atlas Group offers multiple 5-axis machines capable of manufacturing large scale complex machine components including wing rib assemblies, bulkheads and frames using monolithic manufacturing with envelope sizes up to 60” x 120” and 30” x 196”.

Small metal pipe
Hard and Soft Metal Machining

The Atlas Group uses the latest technology to support the highest metal removal rates in nearly any type of material while maintaining world class product quality.  With spindle speeds up to 33,000 RPM and Atlas engineered machining techniques, we precisely and efficiently produce the most complex aerospace products on the market.

Man standing next to large CNC machine
Multi-Axis Machining

Customers experience greater efficiency and cost savings with The Atlas Group's full-spectrum multi-axis machining core competencies. 

  • (2) 5-Axis CNC Thermwood Routers. Working envelope: 10' x 12' x 4'
  • (1) 5-Axis CNC Anderson. Working envelope: 10' x 24' x 4'
  • (1) 5-Axis CNC Laser Scriber
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