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The Atlas Group excels in complex structures, designing and building some of the most complicated aircraft components available. We work with high-quality metal and nonmetallic materials including aluminum, titanium and stainless steel to produce assemblies that range in size from rudder pedals to wing spars. 

Our philosophy of vertical integration means that customers can enjoy single-source service for most parts. The Atlas Group provides true start-to-finish manufacturing, from materials to engineering, testing to production, all within budget and deadline. 

Learn more about the companies that make up The Atlas Group. 


Boeing 737 Door
Commercial Aerospace Doors

The Atlas Group offers over a dozen variants of door design and manufacture for our commercial product line, including forward galley, aft entry and entry doors. 

Business Jet Door
Business-Jet Doors

Cabin, cargo and escape doors for multiple Cessna, Gulfstream and Hawker Beechcraft platforms comprise our business-jet product line. 

Wing Spar
Wing Spars

The wing spar for our business-jet line demonstrates advanced metal bonding capabilities and sophisticated process integration resulting in the highest-quality product. 

Rudder Pedal Assemblies
Rudder Pedal Assemblies

The Atlas Group's avionics and controls capabilities exemplify complex electromechanical assemblies that integrate electronics into structural assemblies. 

Bulkhead Assembly
Bulkhead Assemblies

Complex assemblies for military platforms include bulkhead production.

Man working on large wing spar
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