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Metal Bonding

Complex Structures Assembly

Metallic parts, skins and honeycomb cores are just a few of the materials that The Atlas Group brings together through our metal bonding processes. Our facilities are fully certified for composites and metal bonding. Our 6,400-square-foot clean room is used exclusively for bonding processes. Multiple autoclaves up to 50’ long by 10’ wide equipped with superior electronically controlled programming capabilities ensure curing cycles are continuously meeting customer requirements. 

We proudly provide customers with a full suite of capabilities, including: 

  • Metal-to-metal bonding (similar and dissimilar)
  • Cold bonding
  • Crushed-core bonding
  • Fiberglass part fabrication

The Atlas Group performs basic destructive and nondestructive testing in-house, such as push-out, Rockwell hardness, conductivity and electrical bond testing, applying a high standard of excellence to every component we produce.

Our philosophy of vertical integration fully supports all aspects of metal bonding. The Atlas Group provides true start-to-finish manufacturing, from materials to engineering, testing to production, all within budget and deadline.

Learn more about the companies that make up The Atlas Group. 

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