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Man operating large machine Man operating large machine

Brenner Capabilities

Located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, Brenner Aerostructures brings a legacy of seamless product development to The Atlas Group’s portfolio of vertically integrated manufacturing. 

Brenner Aerostructures specializes in metal bonding and skin manufacturing for commercial, business and defense platforms, to provide leading-edge technology solutions to customers seeking a single-source manufacturing solution. 

Brenner offers customers one of the few large phosphoric acid anodizing lines in the world, as well as a highly trained workforce capable of producing an impressive array of forms and structures with specialized technology. 

Learn more about how Brenner Aerostructures’ suite of capabilities enhances The Atlas Group’s full scope of product offerings below.

Man operating phosphoric acid anodizing line
Phosphoric Acid Anodizing

Fully automated, state-of-the-art phosphoric acid anodizing line certified in accordance with BAC5555 and CSNP057. Brenner's PAA line is capable of running multiple bars with a working envelope of 23.7' x 2' x 6.5'.


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Man working on metal part at table
Metal Bonding

Metallic parts, skins and honeycomb cores are just a few of the materials that The Atlas Group brings together through our metal-bonding processes. 

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Two men working at L-1500 machine
Skin Manufacturing

We have the capability to cut materials up to six inches thick, from cloth and plastic to composite and titanium. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, we reduce cut times and drive down material costs through part nesting.

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Man operating chemical milling machine
Chemical Milling

The chemical milling process selectively removes material while maintaining structural strength where needed. Brenner provides customers with a fully automated, state-of-the-art Type II chemical milling line certified to BAC5772, with a working envelope of 9' x 3.3' x 7'.

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Overhead view of factory floor with rows of CNC machines
5-Axis Routing and Core Machining

Our machining professionals are specialists with decades of experience in the design and production of CNC machined parts.

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